Wild Game Processing Prices

Basic Cut:  Back Strap, Round, Tenderloin, Hamburger and/or Chili

Tenderize: $5.00

Processing Fee:

Whitetail Deer: $100.00

Mule Deer, Axis & Fallow Deer:   $125 – Doe / $150 – Buck

Elk: $325.00/ Quartered Elk: $275.00

Quartered Deer:   $75.00

 Wild Hog under 100 lbs. $100.00

Wild Hog over 100 lbs.   $120.00

*Gutting Fee: Small / Large: $20 / $30

*Caping Fee: Small / Large: $30 / $50


 Breakfast Sausage (regular, hot, extra hot): $2.50/lb.

Jalapeno Breakfast Sausage: $2.75/lb.

Bacon Jalapeno Hamburger Patties: $3.50/lb.

Jalapeno Onion (Peppered Steak): $2.50/lb.

Regular German Sausage: $3.00/lb.

Jalapeno or Cheese German Sausage: $3.50/lb.

Jalapeno and Cheese German Sausage: $4.00/lb.

Regular Summer Sausage: $3.00/lb.

Jalapeno or Cheese Summer Sausage: $3.50/lb.

Jalapeno and Cheese Summer Sausage: $4.00/lb.

Bratwurst Sausage (Not Smoked): $3.00/lb.

Italian Sausage (Not Smoked): $3.00/lb.

Chorizo: $3.00/lb.

Jerky (Wet Price): $7.00/lb.

Regular Snack Stick (Wet Price):  $7.00/lb.

Jalapeno and Cheese Snack Stick (Wet Price): $8.00/lb.

Chipotle and Pepper Jack German Sausage: $4.00/lb.

*Caping Fee waived if taxidermy is done in house.

*24 Hour Drop-Off (Animal must be field dressed, properly tagged, and leave contact

information if left in the drop-off cooler.)